Rabu, 17 Desember 2008

Houseplants help remove pollutants in your home

House plants not only bring a decorative look inside your home, but some of them also help clean toxins and organic chemicals out of the air that cause asthma and other ailments.

Studys have shown they reduce stress and help people get through those winter months.

Most people know that plants give us fresh oxygen and take in the stale carbon dioxide that we exhale - a life sustaining relationship that we all too frequently take for granted. But, recently we discovered that certain plants go a bit further and filter out these deadly toxins and pollutants in our air.


The Snake plant is the ultimate for those without a green thumb. This house plant is one of the hardest to kill. A Snake plant contains heavy, sword-like leaves which shoot up from the base of the dirt. They will grow in a clump like style. Smaller shoots will eventually grow as well. Another common name for this plant is Mother-In-Law’s Tongue.

This plant is practically indestructible, and it will remove toxins in rooms where no other plants will grow, such as in areas with no windows. Have one in your work cubicle or any other room that has limited sunlight.

On a special note, this houseplant is toxic when eaten. It is one of the many poisonous houseplants, so please keep away from pets and children.

Spider Plant

This plant has been recognised as having particular beneficial properties in cleansing and ridding the air of pollutants. In stuffy offices or smoky atmospheres this plant has a beneficial effect in improving the cleanliness of the air.

This spider plant is placed on the top five house plants that are efficient at the removal of formalhydehyde from indoor air.


Gerbera is superior in removing the benzene, known as carcinogen.

It’s a known fact that these happy, colorful, wonders of nature purify your indoor air unlike any “cover up” spray could pretend to do.

Minggu, 14 Desember 2008

The Dairy Calcium Myth

The Dairy Calcium Myth Milk is not as high in calcium as the dairy industry would have you believe. In Healthy Vitamins and Minerals by Jane Turner, under the section on Calcium, milk doesn’t even make the first page and sits 35th on the list with 120mg of calcium per 100g.
Some of the foods that beat it by far are sesame seeds (670mg/100g, more than 5 times!), sardines (540), Nori seaweed (470), both more than triple, almonds (240, double!), figs (230) parsley, spinach, watercress, kale (200-170, and these are green vegetables!) even hazelnuts and oysters (140).
More importantly though what little calcium milk actually has is offset by the fact that it is barely absorbable by humans since cows milk is meant for baby cows. Dr William Ellis has conducted thousands of blood tests in people who drank 4 glasses of milk a day and found that they had lower levels of calcium than the rest of the population.
This is because milk interferes with the digestion of nutrients by clogging the stomach and intestines with mucous. On top of all this, cows these days are extremely unhealthy as they have been pumped full of drugs, hormones and antibiotics (to prop them up from the diseases they contract) in a bid to produce more milk faster. Milk has been found to have 59 active hormones, 52 antibiotic residues, scores of allergens and contaminants such as pus from diseased udders.
The bottom line through all of this is that, on whose authority are you trusting when it comes deciding what goes into your mouth? Yours or the supposed ‘experts’ in the health and food industry with highly toxic hidden agendas? On whose authority are you trusting when it comes to deciding what food best fuels your body for the intensity of your workouts and post recovery? Yours or the supposed ‘experts’ in the health and food industry with highly toxic hidden agendas? On whose authority are you trusting when it comes to deciding what you should ingest to keep you not only healthy but alive? Yours or the supposed ‘experts’ in the health and food industry with highly toxic hidden agendas?
Get the picture?
Nutrition forms the absolute cornerstone for unleashing the ultimate physique that lies within you - clean functional nutrition based on what your body requires, not what someone would like you to eat so they can line their pockets are totally two different things. Before you eat anything that you believe should form part of your training regime, don’t just take some ‘expert’s’ word for gold, question everything. Seriously, don’t even take my word for gospel - check it out and test out how accurate the above data is compared to what you hear day in day out from the health and food industry. If you’re serious about making changes to your body and life, even if you do this just once, as soon as you see for yourself that what you’re being told by those you’ve always believed you can trust is not always the truth, you will never go back. The truth will empower you to seek the truth out yourself and ensure your authority becomes rooted in what’s accurate because your authority will be none other than your own

The Risk If You Smoke

You will lose a lot money if you smoke, illustration if you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day at $2.00 per pack, you spend $730 per year. If your habit has continued for a period of 20 years you will have spent an incredible $14,600! If you smoke two packs for that same period of time, you will spend $29,200!

You will be twelve times more likely to die from lung cancer. ten times more likely to die from some form of lung disease. ten times more likely to die from cancer of the larynx. six times more likely to die of heart disease. twice as likely to die of a stroke.

Not only for your health, you also help your friends and human around you to die, yes you help them to die faster.

Make Body More Health and Energizer

how to make our body more health and energizer
How to Make Our Body More Health and Energizer?

This several exercises and meditation help to improve your health, more energizer, more focus and more happy, fell free to do it everyday

Stand erect barefooted, relax your fingers, exhale gently, then bow forward with feet straight, touch your toes with your fingers, maintain this for a few seconds. Then inhale while returning to the standing position with arms raised as high as you can, continue your move until your body is bent backward. Then exhale while returning your fingers to your toes. Maintain this for a few seconds, inhale, and so on .... repeat seven (7) times

Relax your head, neck and shoulder muscles. Slowly rotate your head 3600 clockwise while inhaling. Hold your breath for a while, again rotate your head clockwise while exhaling. Repeat twice. Do the whole process but move your head counterclockwise, three times.

Stand straight, arms raised and outstretched to your sides. Rotate your body clockwise 3600 with eyes stay open while inhaling. When returning to your starting position, hold your breath, focus your sight forward, then repeat the rotation while exhaling. Do this five times, then repeat the whole process counterclockwise five times.

Stand straight, arms raised and outstretched to your sides. Inhale, hold, then exhale while moving your body so that your right hand is touching your left foot. Hold this position for a while, then return to your starting (standing) position while inhaling, hold, then exhale while moving your body so that your left hand is touching your right foot. Do this seven cycles.

Sit on the floor and cross your legs, spine erect, palms on your lap facing down humbs touching forefingers, eyes closed. breath naturally through your noseThen inhale for five counts, hold for five counts and exhale also for five counts. Then breath normally for a while before repeating the inhale, hold, exhale cycle. Do 25 cycles.

lay on the floor, spine erect, palms on your lap facing down, eyes closed. breath naturally through your nose, attention to the breath, do about 5 minutes

Do meditation, and visualize you are on forest complete with trees, animals and rivers etc, do about 10 minutes